Everyday that you are alive is a new opportunity to enhance your perspective. Life is about balance and exploring the opportunities presented. There is so much in life that tells us we cannot and that we have no power.The power we have lies within our ability to move with the ever changing aspects of life as our needs and wants change. This has very very little to do with the acquisition of material goods or wealth but, everything to do with the betterment of the soul. When we have difficulties navigating our lives and difficulties getting what we need we get frustrated. We start to believe that the negative aspects of our world are the truly real aspects. And that we must suffer in order to move forward. Suffering can be an unnecessary adversary to happiness. It can become expected and therefore it can become seemingly unavoidable. Changing your perspective can change your life. Seeing obstacles as lessons and possible detours can help to make life easier, more enjoyable, and happier. 
Choose the Way you Feel.